Mobile home park investment



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Welcome to the profitable world of Self Storage. Currently, there are an estimated 40,000 Self Storage facilities in the United States. 1.4 billion feet of self storage to be exact! Investing in Self Storage facilities will allow you build equity while attaining great cash flow.

The Self Storage industry is dominated by the “Big Boys”. However there is enormous opportunity for the individual investor to create an amazing income stream through maximizing profit centers. There are countless profit centers at Self Storage facilities… we have come up with over 20!!! is your source of information to become financially independent through investing in Self Storage facilities. Our goal at is to provide you with an understanding of the Self storage industry and to show you how you can evaluate, purchase, operate, increase value, and ultimately profit by investing in self storage. is designed to answer any questions you might have about the investment opportunities offered from self storage ownership. Within our website we have covered topics such as understanding the industry, finding the best deal to fit your needs, factual information concerning the operation of the facility, and how to avoid/prevent the potential drawbacks.